Our Mission 

"To unite as servants of Christ to bring others to eternal life -

Uniting, Serving, Bringing - USB"


Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 to Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Pastor: Dennis Bragdon

1300 Judson Rd.

Longview, TX 75601

office: (903) 758-2019

cell: (979) 966-2242

fax: (903) 757-0554 

email: orlclview@gmail.com

Pastor Office Hours

Wednesday  9 a.m.- noon

Friday 9 a.m - noon

Saturday 9 a.m - noon

Our Church



Prayer Requests


PRAYER REQUESTS: Prayer Requests may be submitted by email (The Email Prayer Chain orlcpray@gmail.com or Pastor Bragdon djb78945@gmail.com) telephone (903-758-2019), or the paper Prayer Request/Update forms. After two weeks, unless the request is renewed, the prayer request will be removed from the Prayer List

NEW PRAYER REQUESTS: Betty Hughes (Buzz Comfort's sister) – continues to have many medical problems, and is almost completely bedridden (4/15); Darlene Saylor – thankful for unemployment wages and a new job, pray for God's assistance in a move and easing into her new job (4/15); Donna Petersen (Lisa Guillory) – recuperating after successful neck surgery on Tuesday to clear out the blockage in her neck (4/15); Louise Heard (Christen Stephens' mother) – recuperating after successful aortic aneurysm surgery Wednesday morning at CGSMC (4/15).

CONTINUING PRAYERS: Christina Bylsma (Louis Sistek's daughter) – recuperating at home (4/8); Kay Thrasher – fell at Marshall Manor Wednesday night and broke her hip, underwent surgery Thursday morning at CGSMC Marshall (4/15); Kevin DeSain (Cliff & Pat DeSain's son) mass behind his right ear was biopsied, results were inconclusive, surgery is scheduled for April 26 to remove both that mass and the one on his parotid/salivary gland, pray that the masses are benign and that surgery is successful with no bad side effects (4/15);  Sonny Trella (Joe Uhlir’s brother-in-law) – receiving therapy at Select Specialty Hospital at CGSMC (4/15); 

Lectors Needed! We could use a few more volunteers to serve as lectors in addition to those already serving. Please see Pastor Bragdon, or one of our elders, if you would like to know more, or if you are willing to take part in this.

PowerPoint Operators Needed! It has been suggested that we pull together a list of volunteers to operate the PowerPoint projection during our worship services, and then put out a schedule for the volunteers to take turns. Please see Pastor Bragdon, or one of our Elders, if you are willing to take part in this.


Calendar for the Week


Sunday, April 15 

     9:30 am Sunday School
     11 am Worship Service with                                 Communion
Monday, April 16

     6 pm Yoga
Wednesday, April 18

     9 am-noon Pastor in office
     11 am Women’s Bible Study
Thursday, April 19

      9 am Circuit Pastor Meeting
      Noon Sunday Bulletin Deadline
Friday, April 20

      9 am-noon Pastor in office
      10 am Hymn Selection
Saturday, April 21

       9 am-noon Pastor in office
       5:30 pm Serenity Church
Sunday, April 22

       9:30 am Sunday School
       11 am Worship Service (Children’s                     Message)
       After worship Potluck
       1 pm Voter’s Meeting



Bible Quote of the Week


1 John 3:2

Photo of the Week

Going On An Easter Egg Hunt!!!
Going On An Easter Egg Hunt!!!

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