Keep These People in Your Prayers!

PRAYER REQUESTS: Prayer Requests may be submitted by email (The Email Prayer Chain or Pastor Bragdon telephone (903-758-2019), or the paper Prayer Request/Update forms. After two weeks, unless the request is renewed, the prayer request will be removed from the Prayer List.


NEW PRAYER REQUESTS: Wayne Nolen – has 100 percent blockage of the vertebral arteries, surgery not an option, will be treated with medication (10/20).


CONTINUING PRAYERS: Augie Eberly (son of Derek Eberly, a former member) – family is thankful for improvement, disconnected from all tubes, starting physical therapy (10/20); Bob Gayhart – having a bladder test as a part of his prostate treatment (10/13); the Family of Elsie Langrehr (aunt of Paul Kangas) – died 10/2 (10/13); the Family of Kay Thrasher – died on 10/8 (10/13); the Family of Shannon Black (Sharon Sampson’s nephew’s wife) – died Monday (10/20); Kathryn Comfort (Buzz & Marcella Comfort’s daughter) – will have surgery on 11/5 in San Antonio (10/13); Kynan Laird (friend of Angela Sampson) – healing well, has returned

to work, will have chemotherapy (10/20); Lynn Robinson – receiving intensive, very strong chemotherapy (10/13); Pat DeSain – diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, receiving radiation treatments (10/13); Those Who Are Without In These Days (Roy Ralph Runia, worship visitor) (10/13).


EXPECTING: Maggie Herndon (Spencer & Sarah Land’s daughter) – due October 23.


SOW THE WORD: that God would bless our members with opportunities and courage to give away our Gospel of John booklets.




OUR ADOPT-A-STUDENT: Kendall Davis is leaving toward the end of September for a

year of study at Cambridge in England, taking some classes from the Lutheran professor at Westfield House.


SHUT-INS: Herta Boigk (non-member, fellow LCMS Lutheran), Jayne Hensen,  Lynn Robinson


OUR MEN & WOMEN SERVING IN THE MILITARY: John Wayne & Jennifer (Case) Johnson (Hooges), Kyle Hjorth (Hjorths), Shelbie Lopez (A. Lopez).


ALL CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES/PASTORS: Luther Brockman and family (missionary teacher in Saudi Arabia); Pastor Chuchu (Kenya), Rev. Dr. Charles & Connie Cortright (missionary educators in Russia); Pastor Karim Baidaoui (Disciples Of the Way [DOW]); Erica Smith (Parts Room Clerk/Flight Operations Assistant with the Missionary Aviation Repair Center, supporting missionary pilots and airplanes in Alaska).